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FMC APG has built a strong business base with quality products, broad international presence and effective market access. At APG India, we develop, market and sell all major classes of crop protection chemicals -insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and plant growth regulators. These products are used in agriculture to enhance crop yield and quality by controlling a broad spectrum of insects, weeds and diseases.

With powerful brands, extensive distribution network, expertise in local markets, crop / non-crop segments, successful strategic alliances and state of art R&D facility in Bangalore, FMC APG is one of the leading companies in the Agro Chemical Industry in India.


Insects can significantly reduce crop yields and quality by feeding directly on plants. Insecticides assist to minimize the damage by controlling crop pests thereby..

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Weeds adversely affect the plant growth by competing with the host plant for sunlight, water and soil nutrients. Herbicides commonly known as 'weed killer’ are a type of pesticide used to kill…
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Fungicides are the chemical which are used to prevent or cure the fungal diseases which adversely affects the plant health, yield and quality of produce.  Of late, the incidence …
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The art of influencing the plant physiology in order to effectively enhance or protect the natural yield potential of a crop is a century old practice. Plant growth regulators are plant hormones and non-nutrient..
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