AFFINITY, 40 DF of Carfentrazone, belongs to a novel class of chemistry, the aryl triazolinones, which provides ‘best in class’ control of broad leaf weeds by inhibiting the Protoporyphyrinogen Oxidase (PPO) enzyme in the target weeds. This green chemistry is highly lethal to the target weeds and provides quick knockdown of the target weeds. Acting as a post-emergent herbicide for Wheat crop, Affinity acts on the cell membrane resulting in the immediate collapse of the target weeds.

Additional benefits of using Affinity are as below.

0 Affinity is a post emergent, foliar herbicide for managing the BLWs in wheat.
0 Affinity is registered for use against all broad leaf weeds in wheat with excellent control of key weeds like Malva parviflora, Solanum nigrum, Convolvulus arvensis, Rumex spp. and Chenopodium spp.
0 Affinity has excellent crop safety and can be used on all the varieties of wheat grown in India.
0 Affinity is compatible with most grass herbicides and would serve as an excellent partner in spray management programs in wheat.
0 Affinity has a safe toxicological and eco-toxicological profile and hence categorized as a green labeled product.


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