Furadan Ultra

Furadan Ultra is one of the leading insecticide brands of FMC. Furadan Ultra is exclusively launched for the rice farmer with longer residual control, high phytotonic effect and pest control efficacy. Furadan ultra provides an effective control of stem borer in rice nursery and early stage of transplanted rice and suppresses Brown Plant Hopper in Rice.  Furadan Ultra controls insects through contact as well as systemic mode of action. Furadan Ultra is absorbed through the insect’s cuticle (skin) or spiracles (respiratory openings), or it can be ingested and absorbed through the gut.

The other benefits of using Furadan Ultra are as below.

0  No inhalation hazard, safe to the applicator.
0 Slow release, long residual control.
0 Better crop stand, higher productive tillers, High yield.
0  Attractive and strong packing with focus on rice


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