Humextra is a unique combination of Humic Acid 12%  & Sea Weed Extract 12% .   It contains Seaweed extracted from the Brown and Red Marine Algae present in the sea waters which act as biostimulants due to presence of Plant harmones and Humic Acid, the commplex Organic Molecules formed from breakdown of  Organic Matter found in soils which help in uptake of nutrients by Plants.   The combination use of both result in Better Growth and yield of the plant. 


The use of Humextra benefits plants in following ways:

·        Increase plant elongation.

·        Improves uptake of nutrients

·        Increases cell multiplication

·        Increases the growth of the plants

·        Improves seed germination

·        Improves flowering and fruit formation

·        Improves Stress tolerance (like drought


To all progressive growers looking for enhanced yields Humextra  is the product of  choice for superior growth, crop stand, higher yield & quality produce.


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