Oral Care

Oral hygiene over the centuries has progressed from a rudimentary powder based cleaning mechanism to a complex active based compound present in a stable situation under the influence of organic and inorganic salts. This harmony is brought about by a stabilizer like Viscarin® which FMC has been producing for over six decades. Our knowledge and expertise is varied as we tailor products to customer specifications.

Working with a broad array of Viscarin® binders and even a broader range of problem solving skills, FMC Biopolymer can help you master the art of toothpaste manufacturing. High quality Viscarin® binders are manufactured under the stringent requirements of ISO 9001 which applies not only to production but also to our R&D, storage and shipping.

FMC BioPolymer -- Products:
Carrageenan:  Gelcarin®, Lactarin®, Seakem®, Viscarin®, Seagel®, Lactogel®
MCC:  Avicel-plus®, Novagel®, Avicel®, Gelstar®
Alginate, PGA :   Protanal®, Protanal Ester®, Kelcoloid®, Manugel®, Manucol®, Textureze®, Isagum®
CL® Stabilizer systems:
Applications : Dairy Beverages and Yogurt Drinks, Yogurts, Ice Cream, Plant Protein Beverages, Water Dessert Gels, Puddings, Fruit Preparations, Confectionery Products, Noodles and Bakeries, Meat Products and Sauces.
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