Sustained Release

FMC BioPolymer provides solutions from creating a diffusion-controlled rate of release in tablets to extrusion spheronization to hydrophilic polymers that may be included in tablets in order to form a viscous, gelling layer which retards water penetration and acts as a barrier to drug release.


Based on your need, our products can provide solvent free coating, greatest formulation flexibility, reduced spheroid friability, prevents overwetting and lessens process sensitivity, improves sphericity of products, suppresses the acid burst seen with basic drugs, releases profiles that can be tailored by combining gelling and viscous grades and provides stable and reproducible release rates.


FMC BioPolymer -- Products:
Carrageenan:  Gelcarin®, Lactarin®, Seakem®, Viscarin®, Seagel®, Lactogel®
MCC:  Avicel-plus®, Novagel®, Avicel®, Gelstar®
Alginate, PGA :   Protanal®, Protanal Ester®, Kelcoloid®, Manugel®, Manucol®, Textureze®, Isagum®
CL® Stabilizer systems:
Applications : Dairy Beverages and Yogurt Drinks, Yogurts, Ice Cream, Plant Protein Beverages, Water Dessert Gels, Puddings, Fruit Preparations, Confectionery Products, Noodles and Bakeries, Meat Products and Sauces.
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