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Because we exist, your life is better. Global communication is possible because of lithium batteries in laptop computers and cellular phones. Flashlights for emergencies and recreational usage are made possible because we exist. Hot tubs and pools can be easily sanitized. Pharmaceutical drugs are designed to combat heart disease. Because we persist, work is less strenuous and recreation more satisfying. The future is eminently clear for a company intent on global leadership in lithium and associated technologies. For those who take a closer look, they will see one company, one spirit, one reputation, one incredible journey.

FMC Lithium is operating in India since 2005 and is the leading Lithium provider in India.  


FMC Lithium is committed to providing complete solutions to eight major identifiable markets including: air treatment, construction, energy, fine chemicals, glass and ceramics, greases and lubricants, polymers..

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We market a wide variety of lithium-based products ranging from upstream, commodity lithium carbonate, to highly specialized downstream products such as organolithium compounds and anode materials for batteries.

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Patancheru Plant

FMC India Private Limited has its manufacturing unit at Patancheru Industrial belt near Hyderabad. The unit was established in 2007 primarily to cater the domestic market of organolithiums for pharmaceutical..

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