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FMC Professional Solutions is part of the Agricultural Products Group and has earned a reputation for offering powerful, dependable products while consistently breaking new ground in pest control technology. In more than 80 countries across the globe, FMC Professional Solutions serve as the first line of defense against pests that destroy shelter (termites, wood borers) or diminish the quality of human life (cockroach, mosquito, bedbug, spider, ants etc). 

In India, FMC Professional solution is a leader in providing termite and vector management solutions. As a leading global company FMC takes this leadership responsibility seriously. We combine state of the art research and development facilities with technical expertise to create innovations for professional and specialized pest control situations.


Termite Management

Termites work silently and invisibly sawing into your floor joists, cutting into your wall studs, hollowing out the heart of your home and hiding the damage until it is too late. One of the greatest hazard any homemaker faces is termites.

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Vector (Mosquito) Management

There are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes found throughout the world. In some species of mosquito, the females feed on humans, and are therefore vector for a number of infectious diseases like malaria, dengue etc affecting ……..

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